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Paulo's keynote speaking and corporate trainings has helped countless no. of individuals grow personally and professionally.

Signature Programs

Thank you Sir Paulo for always pulling off an informative and engaging activity.The participants were still talking about how much fun they had even after the program ended- which explains why your activities are always highly rated. I love how your workshop always hit the right notes that whenever each activity ends, it always ends with (1) sharpened understanding of how a healthy organization should be and (2) open- mindedness to revitalize oneself to be able to achieve it.

Pam Revelo

Marketing Events Coordinator

Brother Phils.

Paulo's STANDOUT is a wonderful, thought provoking and self-reflective book. Indeed, a marvelous copy that an HR professional may use specially in transforming peoples mindset to be more positive in their outlook in life.

Ivy Rose Samson
Group HR Transformation Head
Magsaysay Group of Companies

Sir Paulo Tibig made me realize that self-engagement is important in the company that i work for. I should own and be accountable to whatever i do in my work. Thats the only way i can see value of what i do and value my contribution to our company.

Rowena Castillo
Project Manager
International Rice Research Institute

“Be the orange among apples!”


With the widespread of negativity in today's society. It takes a lot of self motivation and time tested principles to be successful in a certain field. Let Paulo share his blueprints, insights and experiences that made him the champion he is today.


The Mindset of Champions series are customized keynotes tailor fit for an organizations requirement  based on the time tested CHAMP principle of Paulo Tibig.


With Paulo’s signature “Learnjoyment” approach, participants will experience sessions that are easy to relate to, value intensive, fun and full of motivation that will surely engage the mind and fire-up the spirit.


Mindset of Champions keynotes are ideal for conferences, and kick offs, this series is effective for different audience profiles.


Let’s deliver an empowering message to your audience on your next event!

Mindset of Champions Keynotes

Do you know that the best research say (i.e. Senge, Collins & Porras, and Heskett) that value-driven organizations are more sustainable and successful compared to others?

Yes, companies and business owners understand the value of people and strategy but the impact of values, attitude and culture are often under looked or underestimated by many.

Values, attitude, and culture are an equal player in the success of any organization because it is the connection to these factors which either keep employees engaged or disengaged.

When employees are engaged, they find more meaning, purpose and passion in their work resulting to increased productivity, contributing to company’s increased profits.On the other hand, disengaged employees are the highest cost in any company because it results in high turnover, increased absenteeism and low productivity leading to lower profits.

Discover what values, attitudes, and culture are and how it gets in the way of the success of both your people and the organization in this workshop.

Culture, Attitude & Values for Sustainability @ Work: Winning Culture Building Program

Sales Master's Program

Effective Selling Course for Sales Professionals

Being able to standout in an overly saturated business competition nowadays can be very challenging. Having team of highly competitive sales people can be the driving force that will separate an organization from the pack

This two (2) days intensive program will provide both new and seasoned sales people effective selling techniques and the mastery vital in accelerating sales performance and result.

The training on CAVS was enlightening, enjoyable and interesting to most of the employees who attended.
The company's value - "happy environment, happy employees" are reinforced in this activity.
I believe the training helped to have more engaged and focused employees.

Girlie Paraiso- Mendoza
HR Manager
Office Warehouse Inc.

Mr.Paulo Tibig has brought into my senses the essence of my existence.
With every person fully aware of their existence, life is more celebrated.

Esther Ruth Francisco
Department of Agriculture Region 6


Ethical Leadership Program

A leader is faced with many challenges and tests in the course of his corporate and business career – from office politics, power play, loss of passion, and the temptation to resort to unethical business practices in order to get ahead. Some people are so hungry for success that they would do anything to get it even at the expense of their personal values.

But do you really need to be heartless to get to the top? If you can’t beat the system, do you really have to join them?


This program, anchored on the two cornerstones of Standout Leadership – ETHICS and EXCELLENCE, will help you become the leader you are called to be, the orange among the apples – a champion leader with a heart.

Frontline Management Workshop

Everything that is organized in a business leads to one goal, and that is to make a difference to their customers. How do we deliver well? How do we back our amazing value proposition with excellent service?

With upfront customer service being the most crucial part in the business process, an organization must establish key principles to deliver exemplary frontline customer service.

This program presents how to make the most of different touchpoints, from top to bottom, from customer inquiry to closing. All touchpoints leading to engaging customer experience that delivers!

Simplified Strategic Planning Management Workshop

“Execution is key, more than plan and strategy.”


This workshop will provide you with valuable insights to help you develop attainable plans and programs in a simplified and objective manner.

This program emphasizes the need to plan and craft the foundations of an organization, execution of plans and development of performance measures. It is a whole day of extensive but simplified strategic management workshop filled with All the essentials that is critical to the achieval of the company's/organization's business objectives.


With his vast experiences in managing diverse businesses.

Let Paulo guide you in developing your company's strategic plan framework that is easy to implement.


Indeed, a day of workshop in a day full of learnings, insights and fun from one of the country's best.

The Next Ladder

Essentials in Managing a Team

Being promoted or appointed as a team lead can be exciting but also stressing as one can have little or no preparation for what’s to come in managing a team. Prepare your upcoming managers and supervisors for the battles ahead.

This workshop is geared towards newly appointed or prospective managers and supervisors who are interested in mastering basic management skills needed in order to meet new job demands.

Esprit de Corps.

NLP Based Team Building Program

This  program is anchored on principle of “high ask and low tell principle”. With real workplace behavioral intervention, team member will get exposed to settings relatable to different workplace environment without removing the fun of each activity!


This program uses not just physical activities but also mental stimulation with identified key learnings through basic neuro-linguistic programming concepts

Business and Entrepreneurial Tracks

Many Filipinos want to build their own businesses but not everyone has the tools to put up one.


Through business and entrepreneurial modules, the #ENTREPCHAMP, Paulo Tibig, is helping many aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, prosper in business and through real life insightful keynotes and engaging workshops.


Paulo’s track record speaks to what he can bring to the table. He is a multi-awarded entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in managing various businesses. His credentials made up to why he is called the country’s #Entrepchamp and one of his primary advocacy is to build many Champion Entrepreneurs

We tailor-fit programs based on your organizations requirements!

Paulo everywhere!

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