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Did you notice the shift of consumer behavior today?

As we are in one of the biggest crisis in our lifetime, people nowadays are looking to spend their hard earned cash to wear it matter in the most efficient manner.

Companies and businesses must respond to this accordingly. Gone are days when price is the most important reason of purchase. Now, companies and businesses must see to it that they communicate clearly the value their product or service brings to keep themselves relevant and standout from the competition.

So, when you market your product consider the following:

1. Be straightforward on how you fill the gaps instead of bombarding too much features

2. Give emphasis on the key benefits than pricing

3. Provide multiple access channels to your customers. Be present online/offline

4. Center promotion on teaching how to use the product and how is it relevant today.

5. Tell a story. Let your customers know that they are supporting a cause (if you have one) when they get your product/service.

Be creative in telling your customers about your product. Innovation in marketing can lead to sustainable growth!

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