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Standout: How to Lead Without Losing Your Values

A leader is faced with many challenges and tests in the course of his corporate and business career- from office politics, power play, loss of passion and the temptation to resort to unethical business practices in order to get ahead. Some people are so hungry for success that they would do anything to get it even at the expense of their personal values.

This book tells a store of four young leaders who as they journey along the corporate path,
discover the valuable lessons they need to learn to succeed with their integrity intact.

Using fictional storytelling to illustrate the different kinds of leaders in the corporate world and part workbook, Standout will help you become the leader you are called to be, the orange among apples - a champion leader with a heart.

Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur

Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur gives you 10 guidelines for your entrepreneurial journey towards success. This book presents experiential, engaging and educational perspectives on business for aspiring, starting and existing entrepreneurs. Be one step closer in making your entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Prepare and equip yourself with strategies of champion entrepreneurs.


For a Champion Entrepreneur, one of the secrets to success is preparation. Through this book, Paulo Tibig wishes to share his personal lessons, thoughts and experiences that have propelled him towards business success. These are proven strategies that continue to work not only for him but for other Entrep Champs in the Philippines.

“Yes, you can have it all. If you want to be both a successful and ethical leader, you must read this book.”

- Bo Sanchez, National Bestselling author

“It takes a good man to prevent a catastrophe, but it takes an entrepreneur to make an opportunity out of it. The successful entrepreneur has an eye for things like these. This book does not only profile the winning features of a champion entrepreneur but it actually teaches the principles on how to develop the ability to become one.”

- Francis Kong, Best-Selling Author/Broadcaster/Columnist/Entrepreneur


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